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Gena Shepherd, MS CGC


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  • PGT-A

    PGT-A, formally Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS), can improve IVF pregnancy rates by selecting the strongest embryos for transfer.  

  • PGT

    Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT), formerly PGD, can prevent genetic or chromosomal conditions from being passed on to the next generation.  

  • Genetic Carrier Screening

    A carrier screen is a DNA blood test that investigates whether you carry recessive gene changes that could cause serious genetic diseases in your children. 

  • Genetic Counseling

    ORM is proud to be among the first fertility clinics to include in-house genetic counselors. 

  • Donor Egg, Surrogacy & Genomics

    Genomic advances are contributing to healthy outcomes for those using egg donors and surrogates.  

  • Financial Planning

    Before you enroll with our program, our ORM Financial Coordinator Team is available to answer general cost questions for you. 

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