Surrogacy + Genomics


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Surrogacy + Genomics

Surrogates and intended parents have the same hope:
a healthy baby.

At ORM we use reproductive genomics to help our future families achieve that goal. Prior to embryo creation, we offer carrier testing and family history evaluations on egg and sperm providers to identify areas of known risk. After embryo creation, most of our patients also choose to do genetic screening of the embryos via comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS).

Our goal is to reduce known genetic risks prior to transfer to decrease the chance of a surrogate or the intended parents learning unanticipated information later—and to minimize the need for additional genetic during pregnancy. While no amount of preparatory testing can eliminate the small risk of a genetic problem occurring in pregnancy, our goal is to provide the best chance for a smooth, safe and healthy pregnancy for all.

We also understand that surrogates are often not informed about the type and limitations of screening that was done on the intended parents and embryos. We are happy to provide this important education and to interface with prenatal providers as needed.

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