Overcoming Unexplained Infertility

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We were introduced to CCS by ORM because we had “unexplained infertility.” We learned CCS could be used as another diagnostic tool to help us understand why were not able to conceive. After doing a great deal of research on CCS we felt confident that the procedure would increase our chances of getting pregnant—knowing that we’d be able to transfer the most viable embryos with this testing method.

We were elated to learn that we had three out of five embryos to transfer after IVF and CCS. However, it’s a harsh reality that even though we harvested 22 eggs in our retrieval that only three out of five, 5-day blastocysts were viable for transfer. It is the CCS testing that revealed the three best embryos, which helped us make the decision to transfer one single embryo at a time.

After trying to conceive for four years, we became pregnant for the first time with the first transfer of a CCS embryo and now have a healthy, beautiful baby girl.”

We would absolutely recommend CCS to IVF patients, particularly as an alternative to transferring more than one embryo at a time. It is reassuring to know that the developing fetus did not have any chromosomal abnormalities, although CCS does not rule out everything. Although we experiences some pregnancy complications, they resolved and we delivered without incident.

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