A Relaxed and Happy Pregnancy

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ORM first told us about CCS because we wanted to maximize the chances of having a successful pregnancy without implanting two embryos. At the time of IVF, we already had a daughter. We really only wanted one more child and were nervous that if we implanted more than one embryo we would have multiples. At the same time, because we were on our last vial of sperm, it was really important that we have a successful implant.

Our physician suggested that we do CCS in order to determine which embryos were “normal” and “healthy” and therefore would be more likely to result in a pregnancy. We took our physician’s advice and sent our embryos off for testing. Four out of five came back as “normal” so the abnormal embryo was discarded and never had a chance of being implanted. The one embryo that was implanted turned out to be our very charming son, William!

In all honesty, the chromosomal screening part of the IVF process was the least stressful part. We had five embryos and were confident that at least some of them would come back as “normal.” The overall IVF process, on the other hand, is extremely stressful. Unfortunately, I do not know very many people who go through the process and manage to avoid that stress!

“I would recommend CCS to future ORM patients in order to maximize their chances of getting pregnant and reduce certain stresses once they are pregnant. CCS allowed me to be a bit more relaxed during pregnancy with respect to all of the genetic issues that could arise as I made my way through pregnancy.”

Because the embryo was already tested for many chromosome abnormalities, we did not worry that issues would arise. The best part about CCS is that whenever our son does something odd, gets sick, etc., we can say “But how can this be, you were the chosen one!”

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