It Only Takes One Egg

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There was no cold exam room or paper gown in our first meeting with the doctor who would change our life. Instead we sat down in a comfortable office and across from us was Dr. Bankowski.

He reviewed my labs and explained to my husband and I his recommendation in layman’s terms. My blood work showed my eggs to be behaving like a 42-old in my 38 year old body. Dr. Bankowski was wonderful—not rushing us but drawing a picture of how every step of the treatment works. There was no false hope given so we didn’t feel overly hopeful nor too discouraged for that matter. For our our situation and my labs, it was just the way it was. I had about a 50% chance of conceiving with IVF and CCS according to the stats he showed us. This was with IVF and CCS testing.

We decided to move forward. During the injections, medication and waiting for my follicles to grow it was not as uncomfortable as I had imagined. I had 12 eggs removed and seven fertilized. Of those, two made it and in the end only one made it to CCS testing and that would soon be our baby. Some may think this is the worst news but looking back on my experience it was that miracle we had been praying for. It literally only takes one egg. Our sweet dream of a healthy baby came true with just one egg!

I referred my best friend to ORM and now she has a healthy baby boy.  I often see all the faces of the staff and doctors at ORM when I look at our little miracle girl. I can’t wait to tell Zoey all about her story. I will be forever grateful to ORM for making our dreams come true.


Rosetta, Eric and Zoey Ziebart

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